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Horse Empower

Our mission at Horse Empower is to assist people of all ages and all walks of life in discovering the tools they need to find happiness and success in their lives as well as utilizing their innate power in finding solution based strategies in the challenges that face them.

Hurricane Sandy

One moment, life is normal and in the next it can change in unfathomable ways.  Even with the best of predictions and warnings, no one can forecast the extent of loss when natural disasters occur.  Loss of home, property, pets, business, income, jobs, safety, security, normalcy, and life-at the very least life as we know it.

What is predictable? The outpouring of concern, empathy, compassion, prayer, and help that rallies stronger than any hurricane.

A portion of proceeds from Rastalife will benefit both short and long term relief and rebuilding efforts. Our hearts are with all who’s lives have been touched and forever changed, past and present

Midwives for Haiti

My name is Pam, co-founder of  I have been a midwife for over ten years. My journey began at the age of 17, when I became a Mom to a beautiful amazing son. He was born with numerous health problems, but our connection was instantaneous and truly life changing. My nurse was amazing, complementing love from family, friends, and my physician- she sat with me, listened to me, and knew exactly what to say with her voice, her arms, and her heart.  My connection with her was instantaneous too.  Little did I know then the impact those moments would have on me. In fact, those moments changed the trajectory of my life.  I fondly believe that Life happens in the moments

I knew deep inside my soul that day I left labor and delivery, that I would be back!  Years later I returned to that very place as a Registered Nurse.  It wasn’t long before I yearned and hungered for more. I went back to school, now with four beautiful amazing children, and again returned as a Midwife to the very place the seed had been planted.   21 years to the day, on June 16th, 2010 I left, called to serve as a Midwife in Jensen Beach, Florida.  It was there that Rastalife was conceived, pregnant with vision and promise to spread good will and love.  Our new baby!

It is both a privilege and an honor to practice as a Midwife. I care greatly about the women I care for and I strive to protect, nurture, advocate, and empower them each and every day.  I enjoy not only birthing Mothers, but also witnessing the birth of Fathers, and Families.  My stories, the moments have blessed my life.   Never underestimate the power of a moment ;)

In pursuit of providing compassionate life changing care to all women, I am very excited for the opportunity to travel abroad reaching women everywhere exactly where they are. Midwives for Haiti is a non- profit organization serving women in the poorest nation in the western hemisphere. Haiti is plagued by malnutrition, disease, devastation, poverty, and lack of medical care and resources. The mission of Midwives for Haiti is to train skilled birth attendants to save lives of Mothers and Babies. I am passionate about this cause and believe in the difference that active participation and passion will make. Funding is essential. A portion of proceeds from will go to supporting Midwives for Haiti.